Names in the News

Names in the News (6 340 741.M41)

Sorcerer corrupts aristocracy on Murella

Voloh Gudag

Last year’s bombardment of the capital city of Murella was a preemptive strike to save the planet from the machinations of a Warp-tainted sorcerer that had corrupted the highest levels of Imperial government.

According to an announcement released by the Imperial Navy, “the bombardment was authorized by the Holy Inquisition, specifically the Ordo Hereticus, to prevent the known criminal Voloh Gudag from tainting the populace with the dangerous and insidious influences of the Warp.”

Although few details were released about the incident, it is known that Gudag, who has spent recent years working to contaminate planets with the dreaded Kassig Plague, secretly spent several months on Murella last year. During that time, he is believed to have used sorcery to turn the minds of the planetary governor and other high officials away from the God-Emperor’s light.

“The whereabouts of Gudag Voloh are unknown,” one senior Imperial official said. “We can only hope that the witch died in the bombardment that consumed the heresy within the governor’s palace.”

Commissar saves Hegira’s capital city

Commissar-Major Rael Dracos

A commissar is being given credit for saving Hegira’s capital city, now under siege by ork invaders, from a devious attempt to circumvent the city’s siege lines by infiltrating underground sewer tunnels.

Known for making regular visits to the troops in the siege lines, Commissar-Major Rael Dracos was visiting a second-line unit when he heard guardsmen gossiping about the stench arising from the city’s storm drains.

“I was concerned that damaged sewage lines might lead to outbreaks of disease,” Dracos has said. “But it also occurred to me that these sewage lines run out from the city and empty their polluted waters into the desert wastelands. For all the stupidity of the greenskins, it was possible they might seek to exploit those underground tunnels.”

Commandeering a combat platoon to investigate, Dracos descended into the sewer network and discovered a handful of orks exploring the sewage tunnels. Furious hand-to-hand combat broke out, but Imperial guardsmen managed to drive the greenskins back.

Demotion teams were quickly called to collapse the sewer tunnels, creating a major sanitation problem for Imperial authorities but likely saving the city from an unexpected attack from below.

Astartes hero slays Death Guard champion

Warhammer 40K blog

Alaric Galba

One of the heroes of the Knights of Altair Space Marine Chapter, Captain Alaric Galba, captain of the 1st Company, has slain a powerful Death Guard warlord in single combat.

On the planet of Dozaria, a massive traitor force attacked Imperial forces to the west of the capital city of Alicante, seeking to encircle the Imperial seat of power. Captain Galba responded with an aerial assault of Thunderhawk transports, Stormraven  and Stormtalon gunships, and Stormhawk interceptors.

The Chaos warlord, whose name remains unidentified, was at the vanguard of the attack, accompanied by all manner of heretical cultists, mutated Warp spawn, and a contingent of Death Guard warriors.  Surrounded by dozens of banners displaying heretical and witchcraft-tainted glyphs, the fallen champion was easy to identify from the air.

Striking directly at the head of the snake, Galba’s 1st Company landed atop this warrior band. In the bloody free-for-all that followed, Galba led his honor guard directly at the Death Guard leader. Hacking apart the traitors, Galba reached the Warp-tainted Astartes and engaged him  in a fierce duel of power claws versus tainted power axe.

In the end, Galba sank both power claws deep into the Death Guard leader’s chest and raised him into the air before pulling his claws apart and ripping the traitor in half.

At the sight of their commander’s death, the Death Guard and their heretical cultist forces turned and fled. No further attempts to attack the capital city have been reported.

Portrait of Voloh Gudag is titled “Warlock” and painted by Nuttavut Baiphowangse. (Copyrighted, art used under creative commons attribution-noncommerical-no derivative works license,

Artwork courtesy of Mishai. Click here to visit Mishai’s artwork on the website.

The Corvus Cluster is a Warhammer 40K blog documenting our gaming adventures in the fantastical sci-fi universe of Games workshop.


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