Dar Sai Campaign

Dar Sai officials hunt traitor known as Lecia Athena

“Imperial authorities are hunting for a criminal suspected of supporting theTau war effort on the moon of Dar Sai. The traitor, Lecia Athena, was last seen in Port Arena, which recently fell to the xenos. It is believed that Athena may be hiding amidst the hordes of refugees that fled the city during its recent evacuation.”—Imperial Voxcast, 3 711 740.M41

+ Criminal File X-8387-847-b7c9 +

Adeptus Arbites
Dar Sai, Sculptor System
Suspect: Lecia Athena

+ + +

Warhammer 40k blog

A full-sized copy of this poster is shown at end of this article.

The Adeptus Arbites first became aware of the activities of Lecia Athena, sometimes known as “Ath” or “Lucia Ath,” during a raid of a covert gathering of menial workers at the Omao Planation, just north of Port Aruna.

An informer working for the local Arbites station reported that plantation menials were distributing xeno propaganda leaflets that offered freedom from serfdom for  menials who sabotaged the Imperial war effort and promoted sedition among the population.

The raid, involving a dozen Enforcers, was conducted on 3 500 738.M41, while the Tau were advancing on Port Aruna—and only weeks before the Tau advance overran the Omao Plantation.

Approximately two dozen menials were gathered in a barn on the outskirts of the plantation, a location rarely visited by overseers at night. Two squads of Enforcers observed the furtive arrival of the menials from nearby woods. Soon after the clandestine meeting began, Enforcers circled the barn and closed in for arrests.

Ordered to surrender, the menials panicked and attempted to flee. Some escaped into the woods; others were shot down. A handful proved to be armed, including Athena, who used an autopistol to shoot one Enforcer in the leg.

Athena, along with two companions, escaped into the woods. Despite the support of three Valkyrie gunships provided by the Dar Said Planetary Defense Force, an extensive search of the area failed to find the traitors.

The motives of Athena in supporting the Tau war effort on Dar Sai is unknown. But, whether she is a traitor-for-hire or has succumbed to the false promises of the xenos, Athena has spent the past two years crisscrossing the main continent of Dar Sai, spreading xeno disinformation to the citizenry, and encouraging active resistance to Imperial governance.

Surveillance video-picts have identified her as one of half a dozen subversives distributing xeno leaflets to menials near the Makaha Plantation in the weeks before that community was captured by the Tau. She also is believed to have escaped an attack by the Deathwatch on an isolated farmhouse near Port Aruna where xeno-friendly traitors were meeting with a Tau ethereal. The Tau leader was captured alive, and most of the subversive Imperial citizens were executed on the spot.

Athena also was spotted in the Lanai and Hawi plantations around the time that a series of insurgent attacks and bombings targeted Imperial officials. Her last known activities were with a group of insurgents in the port city of Aruna. This group is believed responsible for instigating several food riots and planting roadside bombs targeting troops defending the city.

The Adeptus Arbites is searching Imperial records to learn more about this wanted criminal. As she appears tobe  familiar with the Aruna Valley region, it is likely that  she is a citizen of Dar Sai or one of the hundreds of plantations in the region (although this cannot be confirmed). As citizen travel is severely restricted on the moon, Athena’s activities throughout the region suggests she possesses high-level documents of passage, which raises the possibility that she is of a noble family—or has associates in the local Administratum.

These possibilities are being investigated—and any promising leads will be reported immediately to all Imperial authorities.


TheGM: This blog is part of a subversive effort to engage with followers of the Corvus Cluster. One follower offered some support for the oppressed citizens of Dar Sai in a comment, so I jokingly warned that such speech could lead to official sanction. Well, this wanted poster makes good my warning.

I’ve also just fought a skirmish action where Petrov Karlson, high mayor of Aruna, attempts to flee the Tau-held city. This character, also inspired by a follower, will see his battle report appear soon.

Both efforts are a modest effort to say “thank you” to all the followers of our little corner of the 40K universe. I’m always looking for feedback, ideas, or involvement in what we’re doing. Everyone is welcome in helping determine the “history” of  the Corvus Cluster.

The Corvus Cluster is a Warhammer 40K blog documenting our gaming adventures in the fantastical sci-fi universe of Games Workshop.

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  1. Much too resourceful and elusive to be a simple agitator. It would be positively heretical to suggest that there are factions within the imperium that might work against itself for it’s own good. If you know of Istvaanism you already know too much…..


  2. A wanted poster, staring her in the face with her own masked face. A tall woman, brushing brownish blond hair down smoothly into a different style in but a moment.

    The twitch of something at the edge of her lips, the grin that almost hurts with how strong it is, this poster staring her in the face, with a bounty for her, only elicits a reaction probably not expected.

    Exhilaration and satisfaction, at seeing her work laid out to the point where they put out a poster, a warrant on her. Exhilaration and satisfaction at jobs both well done and just scrapped out alive, Exhilaration and satisfaction at what she’s done.

    No regrets, a life that she’d seized to be fully her own, no regrets, a strive towards a better life, for other’s…herself, a path she’d aligned upon and now there was no going back.

    A poster tucked away and she walks.

    No regrets for Lecia, just a poster to bolster her pride and to give a smile about to liberators and comrades alike.

    ((Super awesome to see this, hope the above thing is cool, little rp thing.))


    • Glad you liked it. Might incorporate this comment into a blog, so it gets more visibility. Any ideas for Lecia, let me know. Fiction, bio, scenario ideas, etc. Cheers.


      • Feel free to bounce ideas off me anytime, I could even make a rough uh like sheet for instance if you sent me an outline of what you would want or something or make extra blogs about uh her all ye want!

        I’m fine with whatever.


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