Battle Report (Narrative)

Infection on Outpost Zero-Omega (Part 2)


Accompanied by her stormtroopers and Count Feracci’s bodyguard, Inquisitor Serillian attempts to defend her shuttle from rebels.

These deadly creatures work by implanting and subverting members of the host species, striving to dominate their victims through alien cunning or terrifying violence as the situation requires.“—Inquisitor Grael, commenting on the threat of genestealers.

Rebel Uprising

“Thirty-six hours after my arrival, I had some answers. Previously unknown to me, some of my colleagues had arrived six years earlier with a genestealer. Where and how they came into its possession, I hope to find out, but what mattered at the moment was that the outpost had been charged with the task of studying the creature and finding a means to counter the threat of this species.”

“According to Abnightus, the creature had proven surprisingly intelligent—or at least exceedingly cunning—and had made numerous attempts to escape its high-security containment. In fact, it had escaped once but had been tracked down and killed by his Skitarii—although not before the beast had killed more than two dozen menials.”

“Clearly the creature had managed to spread its taint before its death. Years had passed, and that taint had festered, grown, and finally blossomed.”

“Now that I finally understood the threat facing us, I had some idea of how to get atop this mess. But the rebels seized the initiative before I could act. As I met with Abnightus to begin planning our next step, I was practically knocked off my feet by a massive explosion that originated deeper in the outpost. The explosion was so powerful that the plasteel floor actually cracked.”

“Reports came pouring in. The explosion had occurred at a cargo hatch that led to a transport corridor—a large corridor that wrapped around the outer rim of the outpost and led all the way to the surface. Skitarii were responding, and they already were deploying  a volley line in the corridor one level higher and recruiting menials to stack crates to create an improvised defensive position.”

“But the situation was bad. Hundreds of rebels poured out of the hatch, spreading through the next highest level and slaughtering everyone in sight. Dozens of menials, technicians, and tech priests were lost within the first few minutes. A full-scale battle was raging, and the fate of the entire outpost hung in the balance.”


A ragtag force of personal bodyguards, Skitarii, and Inquisition stormtroopers form up along a refinery pipe and pour volley after volley at attacking rebels.

New Threat

“”I was preparing to join the fight when a new threat arose. The rebels had used a long-forgotten maintenance tube to climb directly to the surface, and a group of menials were heading toward the landing pad and my shuttle. Clearly, they sought to prevent any escape.”

“With most military personnel deployed in the lower levels, I had to scrape together whatever fighting men I could. Fortunately, there were a few dignitaries on hand—individuals who did business with the outpost but had no idea as to its true function—and they had fighting men with them.”

“So, I enlisted a Count Feracci and his handful of gaudily uniformed bodyguards, a Commissar Brutus and a handful of guardsmen who’d been left at the outpost to wait for a transport to take them to their new assignment, a Tallarn merchant named Amari and his men, and Abnightus and his personal guard.”

“Reluctantly, I also accepted the help of Confessor Bernard, a clearly deranged member of the Ecclesiarchy who was surrounded by a handful of fanatical followers more than happy to die for their Emperor.”

“This motley assembly rushed to the landing pad to meet the rebels. I cannot say our initial efforts were well coordinated. Although the guardsmen and Skitarii performed adequately, everyone else fought as individuals, without regard to tactics and making poor use of cover to protect themselves from enemy fire.”

“As a result, we lost a third of our number in the first two minutes of engaging the enemy.”

“It didn’t help that the rebels had a man atop a tall refinery tower who was armed with a mining laser. Although not designed for military use, it had the power of a lascannon, and it bored through the cover that a few unlucky men thought would protect them.”

“The biggest threat came when some greatly deformed but huge mutants made their appearance. There were no known mutants at the outpost, so I can only assume their deformities were a result of the xeno taint. These monstrous creatures charged our position, but we were able to bring them down with volleys before they reached us.”

“Despite our haphazard efforts, we managed to stop the rebels. Then Brutus led his guardsmen around the rebels’ flank, and a few well-aimed grenades took their toll on the traitors. They finally gave ground, and we chased them down, slaughtering them to the last man.”

“A team of servitors with welding equipment was called in, and the tunnel was welded shut within 15 minutes.”

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