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Rumors of the Underhive: A Gathering of Wolves

Bad-WolfChaos warbands may be found anywhere in the Imperium, but their motives for operating in the Corvus Cluster are as of yet unclear. Imperial analysts have studied the raids and sightings but have found no discernible pattern.

A notorious renegade, Skyrar, and his Dark Wolves, was last seen allied with a piratical syndicate raiding settlements for slaves.  A relatively large number of armoured vehicles were involved in these raids, which were far too militarily precise to be attributed to mere human corsairs.

Warhammer 40K blogThe origin of the Dark Wolves is shrouded in mystery, but whether they are the survivors or decendants of the Wolf Brothers Chapter or renegades from another  lost detachment of Astartes, their activities have aroused the interest of the Space Wolves. Wolf Lord Erik Morkai himself has arrived in the Corvus Cluster with a sizable Strike Cruiser battlegroup. The number of Astartes ships indicates a high probability that most of his company, with supporting units, is embarked and has a purpose.

Diego-thanks-2Intercepted Tau battle reports indicate Tau engagements with  power armored troops. Descriptions of the weapons, tactics, and regalia point to the possibility that the Wolves of Horus, a warband that originated with the Black Legion, are also operating in the Eastern Fringe. The leader of this warband was not identified; however, this individual was reported to be robed in white and red over his black armour.

The Emperor’s Wolves continue to hunt their renegade 8th Company, now known as the Blood Disciples. The Red Wolves have sent a detachment to the region, and met with the Admiralty, but they have not yet made their purpose known. That audience was soon followed by a visit of a Shadow Wolves detachment. Details of the meetings were not shared with anyone outside high command, but such a gathering cannot be attributed to coincidence.

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