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How will 738.M41 affect the Corvus Cluster?

Warhammer 40K blogWhat does 738.M41 hold for the Corvus Cluster? It’s hard to say. But as we enter the fourth year of our narrative campaign, I’d say a little thought should be put into the answer.

TheGaffer and I (TheGM) have a New Year’s Resolution to get together every two or three weeks for a game—an attempt to increase the carnage and destruction within our corner of the galaxy.

Warhammer 40K blog

Imperial and ork troops have waged all-out war on the moon of Hegira for more than three years.

We will continue our Hegria campaign. We’ve played dozens of battles between orks and Imperial Guard, but given the stalemate, at some point I may suggest raising the stakes—and finally deciding the moon’s fate with a two-out-of-three mini campaign. I think it would move things along if the ork warlord, Rumlar, is “put in his place” by the Imperium—or Rumlar’s budding WAAAGH! begins to build momentum.

But it’s hard to say yet whether we’ll go that far. What I do expect is a branching out from Hegira. My Tau army is growing quickly, so we could see more battles taking place in the Al’gel System. My Necrons also will take shape this year, so we can also expect to see more Imperial (and ork) worlds tested by the rising threat on Stigmata and Dryilian IV.

Warhammer 40K blog

In a short tournament of Shadow War: Armageddon, Blood Angels prepare to storm a Kroot defensive line..

We’ve already seen the Blood Angels show up in the Corvus Cluster—in a series of skirmish games on Dar Sai. Their owner, Rick, is busy building up his forces, so my Tau or Necrons may soon face the Sons of Sanguinius in a full-scale war.

Yet even more new forces are on the horizon. I’ve been working on a small Chaos force of Nurgle, and TheGaffer is collecting Chaos figures. That bodes well for my recent “Rumors of the Underhive” reports that that Voloh Gudag, a Chaos sorcerer, has returned to the Corvus Cluster. Right now, I’m working on some zombies so we can make the Kassig Plague a major narrative of the next year.

With the release of Shadow War: Armageddon, I’ve organized a number of skirmish actions to move the narrative along. I hope to use these rules to create a number of fights involving my Rogue Traders, the Inquisition, or my newest character, the bounty hunter Jason Scarn. I think these small narrative battles are fun—and fun to read.

They also have implications for the larger campaign. After all, it was a small skirmish fight involving Rogue Trader Adeon Drake and the Tech Priest Abnightus on Stigmata that sparked the rise of the Necrons. You never know how anything we do in our campaign can mushroom into something major.

We’ll also see more action on the desert world of Morkai. Already this month, I’ve played a solo game between the PDF of Charcharoth and the mutants of Ungolath. That battle report is coming soon.

Warhammer 40K blog

TheGaffer’s contribution to the “Great 40K Terrain Competition.”

One of my biggest goals is to see more practical hobby articles on painting and terrain. I was thrilled by TheGaffer’s “Great 40K Terrain Challenges” that ran last fall. Several hobbyists participated, and now that I’ve recently retired, I’m hoping I’ll have time to participate (I was always busy at work when these challenges were issued.)

That’s about all my crystal ball is showing me right now. I must say that a narrative campaign is great. It’s really provided a rich and complex setting for our tabletop games, and they no longer are just one-off gaming events. They “mean” something to us now, as they are taking us in new directions—and providing me the opportunity to expand upon our setting through this blog.

So, I say thanks a lot, 737.M41. I hope 738.41 is even more successful!–TheGM

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