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Find out ‘Who’s Who’ in the Corvus Cluster

Warhammer 40K blogOver the past two years, many heroes and villains have appeared (and some fallen) in the Corvus Cluster, and it’s getting more difficult to keep track of them all. Our little corner of the universe has grown rather extensively.

That’s why I’ve created a Who’s Who of the Corvus Cluster (found in the categories above the website’s banner or CLICK HERE)

As far as I can tell, I’ve included every individual who has been ever mentioned in our narrative campaign since we began on 3 001 735. M41. Where relevant, I’ve added a link where you can learn more about them.

Some characters actually have detailed biographies. Others are merely mentioned in dispatches. But they are all important, and we hope to see even the most insignificant make regular appearances over the years to come.

If nothing else, this Who’s Who will help the Gaffer and I keep track of our creations—and ensure they get their “due credit” in the historical documents of the Corvus Cluster.


It’s important to acknowledge the kind support of artists across the world who have supported the Corvus Cluster:

Top left: Lady Adriana (in daemon form): “Demon” is courtesy of Esteban Campos (stickerb on the DeviantArt website) CLICK HERE to see more of his work.

Adjacent to Adriana: Voloh Gudag: “Warlock” by Nuttavut Baiphowangse (Baizilla). CLICK HERE to see more of his work.

Tau and ork portraits: By Juan Diego Dianderas (o-durendhel-o). CLICK HERE to see more of his work.

Other portrait (19th century officer) is in public domain. Photos by TheGM.

The Corvus Cluster is a Warhammer 40K blog documenting our wargaming adventures in the sci-fi universe of Games Workshop.

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