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Tau invaders repulsed by Aruna trench lines

“A xeno attack on the port city of Aruna was defeated today. Military authorities say the Tau invaders suffered heavy casualties after attacking a portion of the Aruna trench system, which was built by serfs under the direction of the 728th Cadian Regiment. The xenos reportedly have fallen back 10 […]

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Tau launch offensive at Port Aruna – Part 2

“As the fighting continued, the Knights of Altair realized that the tactics they’d honed against Hegira’s orks were not appropriate for the more technologically advanced Tau. It took time, but the Astartes realized that they didn’t need flamers. They were not fighting a mindless horde. They needed melta […]

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Tau army advances south on Dar Sai (Part 2)

For several days after the defeat, PDF forces fled south, the Tau following closely behind. Although some units managed to maintain cohesion and fight a series of delaying actions, other units were highly disorganized and unable to account for fully half their roster of troops. Commissars shot dozens […]