Admin Project 1: Organizing the Tool and Supplies Drawers

Things have gotten out of control in my workroom. Taking a class at night, along with the end-of-fiscal-year madness took a toll and pretty much kept me away from the hobby most of the summer through mid-October.

We try to work on several projects at a time in succession: a unit, a character, a vehicle, and a small terrain project. Having that many things going on at (more or less) the same time, requires space and some organization. This is not what good organization looks like:


Top drawer: a mix of tools and craft supplies.


Bottom Drawer: mostly supplies with some gaming items.


Some of the stuff that needs organizing. (There’s a bunch more.)

Having such a mess not only makes it time consuming to work on any one project, it is also extremely inefficient for storage. The drawers above are about 12 inches deep, so there is a lot of air being stored. “This is ridiculous and I gotta fixit.”

As a plug. Here is a quick video from Black Magic Craft:

Okay, so the first thing is to clear everything out and see what is even in here.

We got everything out of the drawers and onto the work bench. Vacuumed and somewhat sorted, this is what it looks like now.

thegaffer_drawers_cleaned (1)

Everything out and ready to work.

The idea is to use some cheap, dollar store, foam board to make storage trays. But where to start with so much junk? we’ll make the bottom tray first and see how it goes. 19″ x 19″ x 3″ will be the first layer.


The tray made and laying out supplies to make dividers.

These are things I use quite often, but can still cover it with another tray. There are other things that I use more often. We used hot glue to hold the basic tray together. The hot glue will set much faster than sticky glue or other PVA. With this laid out, we’ll cut and glue the dividers.


Dividers glued to the basic tray.

The dividers are three inches wide which give me enough room for supplies we want within reach, but don’t need as often. Below are some of the other supplies we us a little more often.


Top Tray

The tray above is in two pieces which will make it easier to take out or move, to get the supplies underneath. Tools? We’re always using those.


Tool drawer

And here are the tools that I use most often. So there it is…

Working on minis and terrain will be that much easier. Having the right tool or material, at hand will make the hobby more efficient and enjoyable.

What are YOU waiting for!?

The Corvus Cluster is a Warhammer 40K narrative campaign documenting our gaming adventures in the fantastical sci-fi universe of Games Workshop.





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