The Great 40k Terrain Challenge 5: More Trees

This is a project we’ve had on our bench for quite a while. With a 50% off coupon from the local Michael’s Hobby Shop, this bunch of red-dyed grass was about $8.

We  had only a couple washers left from another project so we only could only make four trees this time around. We glued some plastic card (from a hotel pass key) to the washers for a good base. They were still a bit too light with only the washer, so we hot-glued on a penny and a few small rocks.  The rocks also gave the “tree” a little more support, in addition to the weight.


Once that was done, it was time to glue on the trees. This was the first time we tried this with hot glue. Usually we use tacky glue, but this glue gun (also bought with a 50% off coupon) was lying around for about a year with little use, so we tried it out.


Looks pretty good so far. Just need to add some flocking and put it on the table.


Craft Store Trees

And here they are. Really only took about 30 minutes of time total, over three evenings, so 10 minutes per evening, including waiting for the hot glue gun to warm up.


And here they are with some Galeforce 9 and Citadel trees. The red is on the opposite side of the color wheel to the green, so it really make the colors “pop” on the table. The taller trees also make the terrain more interesting. The eye has more to look at while moving.


This was a quick and easy piece and the effect is quite striking. (Cheap too.)

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  1. Nice job GM. They look really good and at a modest price. Your terrain is always first class, you have the vision and the skills to put it together.


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