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Massive ork attack strikes at Hegira capital – Part 2

“Do not underestimate the ork.  It is not just its size or bulging muscles that must be feared. If you look into the tiny red eyes beneath its exaggerated brow ridge, you’ll see malevolence—and an instinctive cunning and ferocity—that is as dangerous as the weapons it carries.“—General Tiberius […]

History of the Dozaria Campaign – Part 3

“I’ve heard it said that, in an Imperium of a million worlds, what matters the loss of one? Well, it matters to me. Dozaria will not fall.”—Captain Rafael Belloch, 3rd Company, Knights of Altair Space Marine Chapter “Sickness, disease, plague and pox, suffering and the slow, living rot. […]

Necron threat level is raised to Xenos Gravis

+ + Inquisitorial Order, X-006-3802 + + TO: Admiral Hausu Dinola, commander, Battlefleet Bellious Nguyen Naval Base. Belliose System SUBJECT: Necron Threat Level ORDER BY: Inquisitor Georgene Serililan AUTHORITY: Imperial Inquisition, Ordo Xenos INPUT DATE: 3 521 740.M41 ACCESS CLEARANCE: Senior Command Only Thought for the Day: An […]