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Space Marines stop Tau attack at Pradeep (Part 1)

Dropping like a fiery comet, its descent preceded by a thunderous roar, the drop pod of the Knights of Altair announced the beginning of the battle. All morning, Imperial and Tau troops had been advancing  toward a satellite array that stood in the center of a pastoral valley […]

Fierce skirmish action outside Pradeep

The Tau invasion of Dar Sai is, by all measures, a tiny war on a backwater moon when measured against the sector-wide conflicts that rage across the Imperium. As a result, the high commands of both the Imperium and Tau Empire put a low priority on supporting their […]

Malati falls to Tau attack (Part 1)

“The city is on fire! A wall of flame has swept through the marketplace, killing hundreds of citizens. Guardsmen are shooting women and children who are trying to force their way onto ships at the docks. And the xenos … they’re in the city and … and … they’re eating […]