Knights of Altair

The fleet of the Knights of Altair


A warship of the Knights of Altair dares a voyage through the Warp.

The fleet of the Knights of Altair is believed to consist of some two dozen warships, along with numerous support vessels. Among the most well known are the following:

Emperor’s Fury (Battle Barge)—Emperor’s Fury is the flagship of the chapter fleet. Perhaps the most modern Battle Barge in the galaxy, the vessel was built late in M37 specifically for the Knights. It is best known for plunging straight through a Chaos fleet during the Bellus Campaign to strike at the heretics’ command vessel, the Horror and Torment. The Chaos ship was destroyed after the two warships traded broadsides for nearly two days.

Pride of Helios (Battle Barge)—Pride of Helios served as flagship for the 2nd Company during its illustrious campaign against the Ork Empire of Guldagash.

The Emperor Defiant (Battle Barge)—Last seen chasing Voloh Gudag into the Jericho Reach, a Warp-cursed region of the galaxy lost to the Imperium in the 36th Millennium. Ship is presumed lost.

Sword of Altair data

Well suited to the long-range strike missions conducted by the Knights of Altair, this Dictator-class cruiser can launch attack craft quickly and efficiently to provide a defensive cordon or strike out at enemy targets. Meanwhile, the vessel can defend itself–or go on the attack–using powerful macrocannon macrobatteries and torpedoes. Many times over the millennia, the Sword of Altair has served as the flagship of a task force of vessels that were assembled to support the operations of the chapter.

Sword of Altair (Dictator-class Cruiser)—The Sword of Altair is a rare example of an Imperial cruiser in the service of an Astartes naval fleet. The ship was seized from the insane Rogue Trader Coligulos by Chapter Master Tendoros in M39.

Covenant with the Emperor (Vanguard Cruiser)—Covenant with the Emperor was seriously damaged in 676.M41 by a Necron Tombship of the Sautek Dynasty. Originally a Strike Cruiser, the vessel’s weapons were refitted for ship-to-ship combat when it spent the next three decades undergoing repairs at the orbital shipyards of the forge world Helios.

Red Knight (Vanguard Cruiser)—The Red Knight, so named for the distinctive dark color of its hull, served with distinction during the Angevin Crusade that restored the Calix Sector to the Imperium.

While Dorn Sleeps (Vanguard Cruiser)—While Dorn Sleeps was destroyed during the Battle of Malicor.

Fist of Helios (Strike Cruiser)—The Fist of Helios is an ancient ship built in M34 during what was known as the Golden Age of Jericho, when the Jericho Reach was a powerful exemplar of Imperial civilization. Well-armored but underpowered, the worn-out vessel has been decommissioned and is stationed in orbit on the outer rim of the Helios System. It is considered a training and reserve vessel.

(Update: The Fist of Helios has been subsequently recommissioned [737.M41] due to increased military activity within the Corvus Cluster.)

Sigismund’s Wings (Strike Cruiser)—Sigismund’s Wings is a variant of the standard strike cruiser, with oversized engines designed to undertake long-range reconnaissance and hit-and-run operations behind enemy lines. The vessel was used to insert strike teams on Ork-held worlds during the Thalion Campaign.

Spirit of Dorn (Strike Cruiser)—The Spirit of Dorn served during the Angevin Crusade and traded fire with two Tau ships of unknown designation during the Battle of Hyberia II.

Imperial Creed (Strike Cruiser)—The Imperial Creed is one of the most renown ships in the fleet of the Knights of Altair, having served in the Angevin Crusade, Battle of Tomakan, Kassig Plaque, Tholian Campaign, and Prometheum War.

Mercy of Death (Cobra-class Destroyer)—The Mercy of Death suffered minor damage in the Azura System, when it joined in the assault on a secret orbital station of the Hadex Pirates in 734.M41.

Sword of Helios (Cobra-class Destroyer)—The Sword of Helios was destroyed during the Angevin Crusade.

Vigilant Sword (Cobra-class Destoryer)—No information is available about this vessel.

Forgeship HediatrixForgeship Hediatrix is named after Gastaph Hediatrix, the Fabricator-General of Mars during the Age of Apostasy who led the overthrow of the insane High Lord Goge Vandire. This vessel is a non-standard class forge vessel that provides essential repair and manufacture capabilities to the chapter fleet when on distant or extended naval operations.

Laureatus (Cobra-class Destroyer)—No information is available about this vessel.

Iracundea data

The Imperial Cobra-class Destroyer is a quick and versatile torpedo boat. The vessel’s greatest asset is its speed and maneuverability, making it extremely useful for scouting, patrolling, raiding, and escort duties.

Iracundea (Cobra-class Destroyer)—A vessel that’s infamous in the Regia System for its orbital bombardment of Highport, the Regia capital city that rose up in rebellion against the Imperium in 332.M41. The spaceport was left a barren plain of ash and rubble, a horrific demonstration of the Emperor’s wrath that ended the uprising immediately.

Dorn’s Oath (Escort)—A Hunter Class destroyer, Dorn’s Oath is noted for an exceptionally well-designed turret array.

Eagle’s Talons (Escort)–A Gladius Class frigate, the Eagle’s Talons is best known for attempting to shield the Fist of Helios during the Battle of Lyasis IV. The two ships were part of an Imperial fleet attempting to destroy the orbital defense stations around Lyasis IV during the Angevin Campaign. After the Fist of Helios was hit numerous times and its shields collapsed, the Eagle’s Talons moved between the crippled strike cruiser and the orbital stations. Alas, the damage to the Fist of Helios was too great, and it was destroyed when its reactors went critical and exploded.  The Eagle’s Talons suffered severe damage in the battle but survived to continue its service to the Imperium.

The Sigillite (Troop Transport)—Destroyed during the Battle of Hyberia II. A company of Knights were aboard the vessel, but they managed to disembark by drop pod and Thunderhawk only minutes before the ship’s demise.

Primarch’s Promise (Fleet Tender)—The Primarch’s Promise is considered a blessed ship by the Knights of Altair. It has served in every theater of war as a support ship for the Knights, yet after three millennia of warfare—and often performing its duties on the front lines of battle—the vessel has never been struck by enemy fire.

 Auxiliary vessels—The Knights of Altair are noted for their tactical flexibility and use of combined arms, maneuver, and unorthodox tactics. For that reason, the Space Marines Chapter is reported to operate a sizable contingent of Thunderhawks, drop pods, landing craft, courier ships, and assorted gunships.


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