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Ork probe repulsed in Hegira’s Sea of Dust

An attempt by ork forces to outflank the Imperium’s extensive trench lines in the Sea of Dust was repulsed this morning by brave guardsmen of the 728th Cadian Regiment. Ork casualties were heavy, while Imperial authorities say the battle was so one-sided that no friendly casualties have been […]

Imperial Navy bombards ork positions on Hegira

IMPERIAL BROADCAST (3 861 738.M41)—The Imperial Navy today conducted a massive bombardment of ork-held positions on the moon of Hegira. Nuclear weapons, magma bombs, and lance strikes targeted xeno troop concentrations, key logistical centers, and manufacturing complexes across the desert moon, military authorities announced. At least a quarter […]

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Inquisition targets Mek outside Barad Mine

One failing in the ongoing defense of Hegira is the paucity of disruptive raids aimed at the ork leadership and the xenos’ logistic capacity. If more attention had been paid to this years ago, perhaps the greenskin threat would not now include an industrial base that can produce […]