The Huscarls: My First Imperial Guard Unit

The Gaffer: It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for five years. Since then, we’ve amassed quite the large armies, but we still have a long way to go with the orks. There are a number of unpainted ork boxes that’ve been lying around, as well as flea market rescues.

But it is time to do something different. Even though we’ve got a bunch of half-finished projects on the bench, I’m all orked out for a while. So the first bit is to build an IG platoon.

I have a small Space Wolves army, so the natural choice would be something like the Midgardia 144th. (See Lexicanum.) A Valhalla Regiment would also be a good choice, especially since I want to do a Frostgrave table. I also prefer the name ‘Valhalla’ over ‘Midgard.’  However, the GM recently ordered a Valhallan platoon as his “winter army” so that one is out. Maybe ‘Midgardia 6th: The Huscarls.’ We’ll see what the final name turns out to be.


A Space Wolf advances cautiously as heretics step up their deadly ambushes.

So now for a color scheme. My Space Wolves are the old GW Space Wolves Gray (as above) so that will be part of the uniform.

Here is a photo from Reddit. I have something like this in mind.


The GM’s troops have the Khaki uniforms pretty much covered so perhaps gray all around. But we might limit the blue-gray to one should plate.


Unattributed Regiment from Pinterest.

To get started, we have a

  • regular box of 10 guardsmen,
  • two boxes of the five, easy- to-assemble guardsmen
  • command squad,
  • commissar, and a
  • heavy weapons squad.

The infantry are unremarkable until painted. Here is a shot of the command squad with a platoon standard bearer.


A mere platoon would not have a complete battle-standard or colors. A platoon guidon is more appropriate. Here is an extra Space Wolves banner re-purposed as a platoon marker. Whether we pay the extra points for a standard or not, this will make it easier to identify the command squad. Here is a closeup.


We’ve given him a holstered bolt pistol and medieval sword if we want to use him that way. When we get some more figs, we’ll make another with a lasgun-rifle. That way we can use him as regular guardsman too.

We’ll post the step-by-step painting next time. (So we have a record for future reference.)

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