Battle Report (Tabletop)

Mutants defeated on Morkai (Part 2)

The mutant defense line was supported by Icarus lascannon . . . wargear likely abandoned by Imperial authorities when they abandoned Ungolath more than half a millennia ago.

IMPERIAL NEWSCAST (3 021 738.M41)—The two-prong Imperial attack was led by Charcharoth Skitarri to the south and, to the north, by the Home Guard of House Fenris. Although several armored vehicles were lost, Imperial casualties were light . . .

Mutant Turn Four

Warhammer 40K blogTo the north, the remaining two mutants offer a ragged volley at the Imperials and fail to wound. The Super Mutants, however, prove deadly in melee, bringing down two of the Scout Sentinels and damaging the third. (24)

In the center, the Icarus lascannons again fail to hit their targets. (25) Mutant fire in the center is relatively ineffective, killing only two Skitarri. (26)

Imperial Turn Four

Warhammer 40K blog

Home Guard troops storm the mutant defenses on the northern flanki.

In the south, the Imperial advance suddenly shifts to the center, using the Chimeras as cover. The second squad of Skitarri disembark from its Chimera and move north, too. The goal is to breach the lightly defended center and force a decision in the battle (and seize the sole objective: the mutant defenses on the road). (27)

The Chimera armed with flamers fires holy promethium at the mutant line, supported by heavy bolter fire from Mechanicus servitors that finally shuffle into long range. Two genetically enhanced mutants and four “regular” mutants are killed, and the regular squad retreats, abandoning the mutant defensive line. (28)

The remaining Sentinel steps back from the melee and shoots, but one of the mutants raises a makeshift shield that deflects the multi-laser fire. (29)

The Imperial advance in the north closes with one squad of Home Guard charging the mutants and overwhelming them with sheer number, while the second squad turns and heads toward the center of the mutant line. (30)

Mutant Turn Five

Warhammer 40K blogThe mutant line is crumbling, but the traitors continue their resistance as best they can. In the center, the mutants fire upon the advancing Imperials but fail to bring down a single trooper. The Super Mutants drag down the last standing Sentinel. (31)

To the south, the mutants fleeing manage to rally but hide in the mesas, (32)  while the remaining genetically enhanced mutants fire on the flamer-equipped Chimera and destroy it. (33)  The mutant leader takes a shot and manages to kill one Imperial trooper (34), while the Icarus lascannons target the heavy bolter teams and kills one trooper. (35)

Imperial Turn Five

Watrhammer 40K blog

Skitarri and Home Guard launch their successful assault on the center of the mutant line.

It is late in the day, and the Imperial commander fears that the mutant line won’t collapse before nightfall. So he orders a charge. Flamers among the House Guard and Skitarri kill five, while the heavy bolter teams finally target the enemy and kill four mutants, including the mutant commander. (36)

The charge is called, and both Home Guard and Skitarri charge,wiping out what remaining resistance exists and breaching the mutant line.

To the north, the advancing Home Guard target the Super Mutants but fail to wound them. (37)

In the south, the Servitors target the genetically enhanced mutants and destroy them. (38)

Mutant Turn Six

Warhammer 40K blogThe rallied mutant squad maneuvers around the mesas and target the Skitarri that have seized the trench lines. One Skitarri  is killed. The Super Mutants withdraw into the shanties to screen them from enemy fire.

Imperial Turn Six

There are few mutant targets left, and they are in cover. What Imperial troops that have a line of sight fire but fail to do any damage as the sun dips below the horizon and the battle ends with the Imperial in control of the objective.

TheGM—It was a remarkably one-sided fight. Forced to deploy first, and with their defenses divided by terrain, the mutants were forced to spread themselves thin, as they could not anticipate the direction of the Imperial attack.

Although splitting one’s forces holds risks, the Imperial deployment worked well. By ignoring the center, the mutants had a difficult time shifting troops to support the flanks, and the Imperial troops used their Chimeras well to screen their forces from fire.

The sudden shift of the Imperial advance to the center was recognized as necessary as the battle would end soon, and the seizing of the objective was necessary. It proved an effective move, as terrain slowed the mutant response. The Chimera with its heavy flamer also effectively devastated the mutant forces that could respond.

Although a solo game, it was fun . . . and gave me a wonderful opportunity to advance the narrative on Morkai. Sometimes those “Rumors of the Underhive” offer some great ideas for games.

Scenario: Narrative design (single objective where the mutants hold the road)

Imperial Warlord Trait: Preferred Enemy

Mutant Warlord Trait: Relentless

Mutant had first turn (with Night Fighting)

All troops were treated as Imperial Guard (IG) for simplicity, with some special rules:

  • The genetically enhanced troops were treated as Adeptus Mechanicus Destroyers.
  • The Super Mutants were treated as Bullgryns.
  • The Skitarri (IG) command squad was permitted to have servitors.

Imperial Forces

  • Company Command Squad, with Commissar
  • 1 x Platoon Command Squad (3 Servitors with heavy bolters)
  • 3 x Home Guard Squads with Ministrum Priests
  • 2 x Skitarri Squads
  • 1 x Heavy Bolter Squad (three teams)
  • 2 x Chimera (one with heavy flamer and flamer; second with multi-laser and heavy bolter)

Mutant Forces

  • Platoon Command Squad (with banner)
  • 3 x Mutant Mobs (10-man squads)
  • 3 x Super Mutants
  • 5 x Genetically Enhanced Mutants
  • 5 x Psykers (Pskyer Choir)
  • 2 x Aegis Lines
  • 2 x Icarus Lascannon

Victory Points

Imperial: Seize Objective (3 VP) + First Blood (1 VP)  + Break the Line (1 VP) + Kill the Warlord (1 VP)

Mutant: No VP.

Decisive Imperial Victory

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