Having gotten into the hobby only relatively recently, my terrain collection has been pretty sparse. I’ve got a fair number of buildings and individual terrain pieces but they’re not coordinated in any way. Consequently, a set up for a game looks pretty sorry. To try to change this sad state of affairs I took inventory of what I have and will work on finishing the odds and ends in a way to make a cohesive whole. So first on the list is to finish up some hedges.

I’ve come across lots of ways to make hedges. There are some beautiful scratch built ones out there and this inspired me to give it a go. I happened to score eight pieces (at a convention flea market) of what might be old Citadel hedges (which were apparently produced by K&M). They were in pretty good shape and I gladly parted with some scratch to snatch them up.

K&M Hedge

K&M Hedge

These looked pretty good as is, but I thought I’d put them on bases to give them more substance and to tie them into some sort of standard basing theme. I’ve decided to go with a gray theme, in contrast to Del’s red martian theme. My plan is to have a tundra set that can also pass for ice cap and forest with some simple changes.

I’m using MDF and to keep the board from curling over time, it’s important to prepare and paint both sides of the board. Some guys will prime both sides with spray paint, which is fine. It’s still too cold to paint outside, so I’m putting some watered down glue on the back of the strips first. Let them dry for an hour then glue and flock with sand on the front. I then let it all dry overnight.


In the morning, before I head out to work, I paint both sides black. When I get back in the evening, I use a couple of shades of gray and let it all dry over night again.

Next morning, glue the hedges on with sticky craft glue. It should dry by the time I get home in the evening, but I put it on pretty thick so I’ll just plan on leaving it till the weekend.

Paint some dark patches and flock with static grass and some clumps of foliage.


And we’re done. I’ll have the new game board up at the next session so we can see how it will look on the table.

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