Making Objective Markers

One fun thing about learning a new wargame is to gain a good understanding of terrain rules. In Warhammer, scenario objectives are clearly built into the rules and players get to lay down their objective markers. For our first couple of games we rolled “the Scouring” three times! The first time we used dice to mark the objectives, but this was visually unsatisfying.So we turned to google to look up what objective markers actually look like. The token markers were too distracting but an article we found offered some suggestions. So, pulling out the handy bits box…several boxes, bins, drawers, cabinets and shelves…we set out to make some markers.


Objective Marker Bits

I found some 25mm MDF bases in a chinese food take-out box on a shelf and collected a handful of bits from the above said locations.


Use some superglue to make a tripod, or put two pieces together.


Some sand from the driveway

Then put them on the base and add some sand/gravel flock with white glue.


A quick paint job with highlights and shading and, of course, a few labels on the bottoms to keep track of which objective was worth how many points.

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