Tag: Hegira Campaign

Orks press Imperial lines near Hegira’s Topac Manufactorum

“It feels like sand is sliding through our fingers. Every day, as you look at the strategic situation, you see cracks in the Imperial defenses. If orbital strikes and nuclear weapons aren’t enough to stem the green tide, is there anything we can do?”—remarks by Senator Gallus Arminius, […]

Orks defeat Space Marine scouts

Gray dominated the landscape surrounding Brother Batheus. Ork artillery had pounded the suburbs of Susa City for more than half a year, and the area’s gothic architecture had long since been reduced to ruins. Then those ruins had been reduced to rubble, and the rubble ground into a […]

Ork invaders pushed back from Susa City – Part 1

The beleaguered capital of Hegira erupted in celebration today after military authorities announced they had retaken the city’s trench lines seized by ork invaders earlier this month. Three Imperial Guard battalions, supported by the 17th Conscript Battalion and significant armored assets, attacked at dawn yesterday. After a fierce […]

Ork probe repulsed in Hegira’s Sea of Dust

An attempt by ork forces to outflank the Imperium’s extensive trench lines in the Sea of Dust was repulsed this morning by brave guardsmen of the 728th Cadian Regiment. Ork casualties were heavy, while Imperial authorities say the battle was so one-sided that no friendly casualties have been […]