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Bounty hunters seek unsanctioned psykers (Part 3)

Everything about the planet was repulsive to Count Johann Feracci. The warp storm in the sky, the smell of sewage in the streets, and even the press of human bodies as he attempted to shoulder his way through the crowds. “This is intolerable,” he said, turning to his […]

Skirmish gaming at Shorehammer 2019

The fate of the Corvus Cluster was decided—at least, in part—by attendees at the Shorehammer Convention, Nov. 21-24, in Ocean City, Md. That’s because the Corvus Cluster actually was there—sponsoring eight skirmish games set in our little corner of the galaxy. In an earlier post (click here), I […]

Shorehammer Report: A terrain cargo box

Although I haven’t written much about my preparations for  the Shorehammer Convention later this year, I’ve been pretty busy building terrain, painting figures and—tah dah!—a new cargo box to make transporting my convention games a tad easier. It’s called my Shorehammer Cargo Crate. Some time ago, I reported […]