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A Strategic Update (Events of 742.M41) – Part 3

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” — Sun Tzu, “The Art of War.” * * *   Dryillian Quarantine Zone Since their devastating defeat on the world of Tophet in 741.M41, the mysterious […]

Food riots break out on Morkai

IMPERIAL VOXCAST (6 015 743.M41)—Food riots broke out in the suburbs of Volantis today after one of the city’s food-processing centers was damaged by an insurgent’s bomb. The Third Quadrant of the outer ring of surface dwellings that surround the Volantis hive city is aflame, as rioters have […]

Inquisitor Vaarak

As with nearly all members of the Inquisition, the early history of Inquisitor Elam Vaarak is shrouded in mystery. It is believed that his early education was acquired while a student of the Schola Progenium,the Imperial institution responsible for the upbringing, education, and training of orphans, predominantly those […]

War Zones: Dozaria Update 6 890 742.M41

In the five years since the invasion of Dozaria, the Death Guard and its heretical allies have slowly but steadily expanded their control over the industrial world. At the beginning of 741.M41, these warp-tainted traitors had conquered nearly one-fifth of the planet. Yet the tide appears to have […]

Gaming at Shorehammer 2022

The narrative for the Corvus Cluster came to complete stop in November—there was just too much to do to get our dedicated terrain table ready for the Shorehammer 2022 convention. We finished the table in time—and successfully hosted eight events—over the weekend of Dec. 2-4 . It was […]

Mos Eisley Project: Making Progress

TheGM: When a blog doesn’t publish anything for more than a month, that’s often a sign that the blog is running out of steam. That’s not the case with the Corvus Cluster. The lack of postings actually is a sign of how busy I am are creating content—specifically […]