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Cultists, mutants, and slavers

As with the rest of the Warhammer 40K universe, the Corvus Cluster is a dangerous place–filled with all manner of evil-doers. So when I had the opportunity to pick up a collection of Forge World cultist bitz at a recent convention (at a great price), I jumped at […]

Musings on our first year in the Corvus Cluster

It’s over. The year 735.M41 has come and gone in the Corvus Cluster. Although 736.M41 is now seven weeks old, I’d like to reflect a moment on the first year of our narrative campaign. For the most part, I think our launch was a smashing success. Seventeen large-scale […]

Where are all the battles?

Seventeen blogs and not a battle report yet. What’s going on? Simple answer: It’s easier to write down the background information that I’ve conceived for this campaign than it is to schedule a battle with a friend. But it’s more than that. A narrative campaign should take place in […]