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Imperial warships clash with Kill Kroozer

An Imperial patrol destroyed an ork warship in the Sculptor asteroid belt earlier today. During the lengthy battle, a Firestorm-class frigate was lost with all hands. The Dauntless-class light cruiser, Narcissus, accompanied by the frigate, Little Victory, encountered the xeno vessel during a routine patrol of the asteroid […]

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Mysterious xeno fleet attacks Imperial flotilla

ALERT TO ALL IMPERIAL SHIPS: Task Force 7-A engaged the fleet of an unidentified xeno species in the Elara System. Ten of 16 Imperial ships were destroyed, with the surviving vessels forced to withdraw.—Broadcast by Imperial Navy headquarters, Belliose System. + + INCIDENT REPORT: CONTACT WITH XENO FLEET […]

The unrecognized role of Captain Speakeman

The first wave of missiles had struck home, destroying a Tau frigate and damaging one of the larger capital ships that was approaching the Imperial battle line. Looking away from the tactical screens that fed information to the bridge of The Emperor’s Wrath, Captain Marcus Speakeman, intelligence chief […]