Resource Page: Namatos 2 battle OB

The second battle between the Tau and the 5th Company of the Knights of Altair involved the following troops. (Battle fought on 6 247 742.M41.)


Each army totals 2,000 points.


• Captain Martel Vivant, with power sword and plasma pistol (he will accompany Crusader Squad 1 in a Rhino).

• Chaplain Allyr Numa, armed with Crozius Arcanum, plasma pistol, and jetpack (he will accompany the Vanguard Squad).

• Vanguard Squad, with nine Marines, armed with power swords, thunder hammers, lightning claws, bolt pistols, and plasma pistols—all with jetpacks.

•  Assault Squad with nine Marines, bolt pistols and chainswords, with one flamer and one plasma pistol.

• Crusader Squad 1, with five initiates and four neophytes, armed with bolters and a flamer—embarked with Vivant on a Rhino.

• Crusader Squad 2, with five initiates and five neophytes, armed with bolters and a flamer—embarked on a Rhino.

• Squadron of three Land Speeders, armed with heavy flamers and hunter killer missiles.

• Storm Talon gunship, armed with twin-linked lascannon and twin-linked heavy bolters.

• Ancient Brother Kanoss, dreadnought, armed with powerfist/storm bolter and multi-melta, embarked upon drop pod.

• Sicaran Relic Tank (Death to Heretics), armed with twin-linked accelerator autocannon and two sponson-mounted lascannon.

• Predator Tank, armed with twin-linked lascannon and two sponson-mounted lascannon.

• Vindicator Tank, armed with demolisher cannon.


• Warlord, with XV 22 Stealthsuit, armed with two fusion blasters (equivalent to Commander Shadowsun).

• Bodyguard of two Crisis Battlesuits, armed with two fusion blasters.

• Crisis Battlesuit team of four Tau (one shas’vre), armed with two burst cannon

• Four Fire Warrior teams of seven Tau, armed with pulse rifles. Each team is led by a shas’ui with marker light and pulse carbine.

• Two Pathfinder teams of four Tau, armed with pulse carbines and markerlights.

• Drone squadron with 10 gun drones. armed with twin-linked pulse carbines.

• Breacher Squad with 10 Tau, armed with pulse blasters. Embarked in Devilfish transport.

• Broadside Battlesuit (shas’ui), armed with twin-linked heavy rail rifle, twin-linked smart missile system, and seeker missile.

• Broadside Battlesuit, armed with twin-linked high-yield missile pods, twin-linked smart missile system, and seeker missile.

• Barricuda air-superiority fighter, armed with ion cannon, twin missile pods, and two gun drones with long-barrelled  burst cannons.

• Riptide, armed with ion accelerator, twin-linked smart missile system, and two shield drones.

• Two Hammerhead tanks, with railgun, submunitions, and two seeker missiles. One is commanded by tank ace (equivalent of Commander Longstrike).