Commissar-Major Dracos awarded Medusan Laureate

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Medusan Laureate

A commissar of the 728th Cadian Regiment has been awarded the Medusan Laureate for his leadership in preventing an ork breakthrough in a recent battle in the Achaeon Suburbs of Hegira’s capital city.

Major-Commissar Rael Dracos was presented his prestigious award at a ceremony last night. His medal was pinned to his chest by no less than General Tiberius Vectrix, supreme commander of Imperial forces on Hegira.

“When ork forces attempted to break through Imperial lines on the western edge of Susa City, Commissa-Major Dracos took charge of the disorganized defenses and led his men directly into the face of the greenskin advance,” Vectrix said. “In doing so, he bought time for reinforcements to arrive and prevent an ork breakthrough into the city.”

“During the fighting, the commissar-major displayed extraordinary leadership, maintaining troop morale in the face of near-certain death. He also is attributed with having kill at least four orks in hand-to-hand combat, a feat that few guardsmen can boast.”

The Medusan Laureate was established during the Medusan Schism of the 35th Millennium and indicates that the honored soldier has effectively “won his laurels” by an act of valor that leads to a battlefield victory.

Commissar-Major Rael Dracos

Born of an aristocratic family on Drakhul II, Dracos is a graduate of the prestigious Drakhul Military Academy and the Schola Progenium. He joined the Commissariat in 716.M41.

Although most commissars are assigned to a specific regiment, Dracos is serving in an unusual role: an “at large” commissar who has advised regimental commissars and guided the stiffening of morale among military units across the planet.

It was merely coincidence, senior military leaders say, that Dracos was in the vicinity of the ork attack when it began.

“I am greatly honored by the presentation of this award,” Dracos said at the ceremony. “I was, of course, merely doing my duty. But I accept this honor on behalf of all the brave men and women who fell in battle, defending the citizens of this city and serving the God-Emperor. Duty onto death.”

Artwork courtesy of Mishai. Click here to visit Mishai’s artwork on the DeviantArt.com website.

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